Saturday, January 28, 2012


In my eyes nowadays, everyone seems to copy the growing trends. From skinny jeans to the bright color fiasco, wait its called color blocking and the list goes on. I think at the end of the day everyone has to create their own personal image. Back in the day especially here in the states each coast had their own fashion sense. People in LA had their own way of dressing, in the south they had there own weird taste and those around the NY also had their own distinct style. 
College Party with an 80's Theme
Dressing especially for the normal person on a budget is based upon events. You buy clothes based upon a certain party, celebration, job requirement etc. In order to make sure you look great I suggest always buying an entire outfit instead of picking one thing at a time. 
Wether it's a New Year's Eve celebration, casual get-together or even a wedding, buy everything at once. It's the worst thing looking in your closet or dresser and having tons of clothes but none that go together. When you purchase clothes for events, you buy everything even down to the socks. It gives you that new feeling and it's cheaper to shop this way. I do not even come next to any stores or shop unless I have somewhere to attend. It's CHEAPER, makes it easier to COORDINATE and saves LAUNDRY time. 

When it comes to following fashion trends, I am not a fashionista so those things never matter. My fashion sense is based upon what's in my wallet and what I see in the mirror. Maybe that will change once I make a lit bit more money. MAYBE!

Remember to save money & time, buy clothing when it's required. BUY an OUTFIT not an ITEM.


  1. Hot blog Johnson; I love it! Congrats! I will put links on our site( & introduce it to folks on our facebook page. BTW, have you considered widening your main column? The pics & videos are wider than it and it looks awkward.

    P.S I too Thought I would be a millionaire by age 25 hahaha! As a teenager, I used to tell my friends "if you ain't got it made by the time you're 25, you're a loser, a punk! Ain't gonna be a loser. I'll be filthy rich by then." Needless to say, it didn't happen.

  2. Lol I know rite, thanx lemme see how to widen these margins out. Thanx for the support and anytime you need me to discuss anything jus lemme know. Am always here so please feel free. Lemme take ten hours out to widen these columns lol